Another software-related question we have been getting from some K–12 schools is whether our products are compatible with Vanco’s school lunch POS software.

The answer is also Yes: all our school cafeteria keypads, barcode scanners and readers are compatible with Vanco’s school cafeteria payment system.

Designed by food service and business professionals, Vanco’s POS school payment software was designed to speed up meal service and streamline cafeteria management.

Using our input devices with Vanco’s POS software is easy. Once you received our pin pads or scanners, all you have to do is reprogram the units, which can quickly be done following the instructions that are available in our manual.

AlphaTechs USA offers a wide selection of innovative solutions designed to improve school lunch experience and make lunch lines go faster including pin pads, 1D/2D scanners and QR barcode scanners as well as RFID code readers. Each unit comes with a free complementary anti-shock cover designed to keep your devices safe at all time.

For any school cafeteria software related question, feel free to contact us.

School Lunch Pin Pad Models