Single Magnet Mounting Kit

Single magnet mounting stand provides strong magnet attachment on one side and a plate with screws on the other side. Compatible with all our school cafeteria pin pad models and scanner combos.

Magnetic Kit Includes


1 magnetic base

1 super strong magnet.


2 plates

1 metal plate + 1 PVC plate + hardware.


Flex tubing

3 inch black flex pipe.

Single magnet mounting stand
Single magnet mounting kit


Superior Quality

We use high quality materials including PVC for the arms and acrylic for the plates. Our plates and super strong magnets are made steel, keeping your pin pads attached in all situations and preventing any risk of accident.

100% Compatible

Our stands and arms are specifically designed for our keypad models to make sure sure they are stable, secure with the option to be moved and reinstalled easily. They can also be paired with our custom pin pads upon request.

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