A premier manufacturer of pin pad solutions for US school cafeterias, AlphaTechs USA offers 2 customization options:

Private Label Pin Pads

With private labelling, you will get our signature models which will be rebranded for you school or company and reprogrammed with your software.

This means you will get our current pin pads with your logo and firmware, including 14-key flat membrane, blue 2×16 LCD Display, audible beep and optional scanner.

Fully Customized Pin Pads

Fully customized keypads including customized housing, PCB, colors, keys, LCD display, audible beep, firmware, programming, branding & protective cover.

Ordering Differences

While, they will both work with your software and follow the same high manufacturing standards, making a fully customized model will take more time, as more engineering and testing steps are required from conception to delivery.

When it comes to quantities, the minimum for private label models is 100 units while it varies for custom models depending on the level of customization.

Last but not least, because they are based on our standard models, private label pin pads are of course cheaper to manufacture than keypads that are 100% personalized.

Not sure what’s the best option for your school or business? Feel free to reach out and we will provide you with recommendations and  a hassle-free quote!



Looking for Custom Pin Pads?

Private Label Pin Pads