One of the questions we have been asked quite a few times is what is the difference between basic school lunch pin pads and our cafeteria keypads with scanners.

The answer is pretty straightforward. Basic models only come with buttons which means students will need to enter their school ID code manually in order to pay for their food.

Our best-selling cafeteria keypads with scanners come with readers at the bottom which allow students to easily scan their ID to pay rather than manually enter it.

The advantages of scanner models are significant.

  • Fast and Easy: they make the payment process faster since the only thing students have to do is scanning their ID rather than typing their usually long code.
  • Effective: Having the ID scanned allows to create a trouble-free experience since it eliminates code typing mistakes which could slow down the line and create a stressful situation for students and staff alike.
  • Safe: Our products FCC-approved which means they are safe to use. Additionally, our scanners provide touch-less payment which is essential to many in a post-Covid world.
Pin Pad Scanner