School Cafeteria Pin Pads

We offer a wide selection of school lunch pin pads and cafeteria keypads with scanners specifically designed to create a smooth experience for US and Canadian school cafeterias.



Standard Pin Pads

enter student ID codes manually


Pin Pads with Scanners

scan all standard Student ID Cards 


Customized Pin Pads

keypads are branded with your logo

Providing Cafeteria Lunch Pin Pads To US Schools For Over 25 Years

We have over 50 years of experience in Hi-Tech Hardware and School Lunch Industry combined.

What Are Cafeteria Keypads?

Cafeteria keypads are devices used in school cafeterias to allow students to enter their unique pin numbers when receiving breakfast or lunch. School cafeteria pin pads serve as a means of identification and help track the meals consumed by each student. They are often used in conjunction with point-of-sale software, such as Café Terminal, which facilitates data sharing through a server on the network.


Pin Pads

AlphaPad pin pads allow to manually enter Student ID #.

School Cafeteria Pin Pad with scanner

Pin Pads with Scanners

Keypads with scanners allow students to quickly scan their ID.

Custom Cafeteria Pin Pads

Custom Keypads

We can customize pin pads with your company or school logo.




  • 10 Million Life Cycle Flat Membrane keys
  • Raised key edges
  • Braille on all keys
  • Audible beep
  • Modern Blue LCD Display (2×16)


  • USB & Virtual Serial over USB
  • 6 foot Detachable USB Cable
  • Optional: 12 foot USB cable
  • Certified USB
  • Bluetooth


  • 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • QR barcode reader
  • RFID reader

Our Pledge to Quality

Pin Pad warranty


Our Pin Pads are covered by a standard 1-year warranty + up to 3 year optional extended warranty available upon request.

Pin pad FCC approved

FCC Approved

Our cafeteria keypad components are FCC approved.

USA made pin pads

US Company

Our keypads are designed, assembled in the US, ship from our warehouse in Irvine, California.

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